January 21st, 2017   ·   10AM to 6PM
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Seeding Wisdom   ·   Sprouting to Bloom

Navi Mumbai's maiden TEDx event


The first ever TEDx event in Navi Mumbai! TEDxSIESGST is an event that is organised independently by the students of the SIES Graduate School of Technology! The primary objective of this event is to seed wisdom in and provide tools to the youth, so they can manage their adult life independently and apply what they learn to help people around them.

We consider young adults like us as saplings, who are inexperienced and trying to learn to function in society, while also exploring its culture. SIESGST plans to help young adults mould themselves into happy and responsible individuals and provide inspiration to share and implement ideas worth spreading.

We hope that our decisively selected speakers from varied fields will represent multiple aspects of life that can encourage the attendees to look at life from new perspectives.